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Do you play an instrument or sing and wish to play in a group with others?  Read about Most Entertaining’s new ensemble – The Edinburgh Sound Collective

The Edinburgh Sound Collective is a new inclusive music group for those looking to play in a band or ensemble, improve their playing, learn more about musicianship, arranging, composition and how to perform.

The weekly classes are open to ALL adults, who sing or play ANY instrument, especially strings, brass, keys, percussion and are of around grade 2 + or the equivalent standard.  The song arrangements will be adapted to each persons reading ability, however if someone cannot read musical notation then it won’t hinder their participation.

The group will be directed by local professional musician and Most Entertaining tutor, David Townhill, who will provide a practical insight into arranging, composition, ensemble playing and rehearse a wide range of music from film, pop ballads, rock anthems to new music to be written by the group.

The Edinburgh Sound Collective will perform a short informal public gig in a local venue at the end of June to showcase what has been learnt over 10 weeks.  All members friends and family will be welcome to come along or anyone who may wish to join the group for the next 10 week course.

Most Entertaining also look forward to collaborating with their neighbours at Summerhall, Tonegarden Studios, where The Edinburgh Sound Collective will meet and rehearse and each week.

Book Place:

To join the collective it will be £100 per 10 week course. Participants can book their place by emailing their details to info@mostentertaining.com or calling 0131 477 7821.

OR click HERE to find out more and get in touch.

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